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Outdoor session. A shooting to celebrate all the beauty of motherhood. 

Euros 200.



Photo shoot in the delivery room. The most important narrative is all about emotions. From labor, to childbirth, to first care. 

It is the beginning of the story of a new life, a gift that your child will appreciate forever.

Availability h24 in the two weeks around the delivery date. 

Entire gallery delivered in high resolution plus emotional slideshow

Euro 800



A special session that captures all the wonderful details of this amazing  newborn creature over time. Poses that highlight all his/her beauty even with parents and siblings. The shooting also includes lifestyle pictures. 

The session is for newborns from 5 to 15 days old and held at your own home in the morning to gently follow the baby's natural rhythms.

Euro 300



From 3 to 10 months or until he/she walks, outdoors or studio session.

Euro 200



A very fun session, to celebrate the very first birthday. The set is set up with helium balloons and festoons. The child will be able to eat the sponge cake and cream while freely getting dirty. At the end a very sweet milk bath with colored flowers.

250 euros



Outdoor photo shoot to capture the spontaneity of expressions in freedom of movement.

Euro 200



Outdoors. The family session includes individual, couple and group portraits that capture the relationships between the members of the family.

Euro 250



Quotes on request.


Professional photoshoot for freelancers, creative entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to affirm themselves and their business in the highly competitive web landscape.

The service is aimed at use on social media with packages of 15-30-60-90 posts.

All images delivered are post-produced and sized for Facebook · Instagram · Pinterest · Stories · Web

Packages starting from Euro 290

Each photo session includes a minibook 11x16 cm with 6 sides and 6 files jpg in high resolution.

Other products, such as prints, albums, caskets of memories, furniture panels, can be purchased a la carte.


To best enhance the images and the memory of your most precious moments, I recommend using the Fine Art print on fine and certified cotton cards with a museum duration of 100 years.


On my website, visible only to you thanks to a password, I will provide you with the entire proof gallery in which you will choose your best pictures.


During our meeting and following the choice of photos you will decide which product is most suitable for you.

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