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I am a mother, a birth and family photographer and a communication professional.

I am a birth photographer and a portrait photographer specialized in newborn, babies, children and families. I have a strong background in communication and through my images of you, I capture the atmosphere of the moment and I tell your unique and beautiful stories.


I am a dedicated and passionate birth photographer, proud member of IAPBP- International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.


My work in the delivery room is to emotionally tell the birth of your child and with how much love he/her has been welcome to life.


The birth reportage is the stunning memory of these unique moments, is the way to refresh the emotions of the special instant in which the mother and the father see their baby for the first time, is to fix forever in an touching picture the first hug, the first kiss, the unspeakable joy and the infinite tenderness that parents live and that is painted on their faces. 


Birth is a unique experience that must be taken up and narrated with great respect and attention.


Birth photography captures the sacredness of the beginning of the story of a new human being and I am immensely grateful to be able to witness it.


I love that my pictures are printed, possibly in Fine Art. Photography is to be tasted with different senses and to touch a panel, leafing through an album already is a gesture that suspends time and allows you to immerse yourself in memories to relive all the emotions captured by the shot.


I am a mother of two beautiful girls. Since they were a child, I used to capture with my camera their moments of ordinary, but so extraordinary, life so that their pictures are a real storytelling and a beautiful memory of themselves.


I have a dog, a wonderful English cocker spaniel that enjoys our companies and loves to be in the pictures too.


I am passionate about maternity issues.


I love the argentine laughter of children and seeing the world through their eyes.


I love the sun, walking barefoot on the sand and live at open air. 


I love the scents of the seasons, the colors that change and renew themselves, the music. 


I love to travel, meet people, discover new places and also go back home.


I love life and I love to tell it with my camera.

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